Our team brings three decades of experience in travel,
hospitality, technology, and operations

A Rockstar Team

We’re a small team of entrepreneurs, strategists, engineers, designers and data scientists with a passion for helping companies optimize their businesses.

Our expertise spans almost three decades and we have worked with some of the worlds leading travel and hospitality companies.

Our CEO, Bill Almonte, brings over 25 years of experience in all areas of business management and complex, enterprise-level, product development. He has managed talented, diverse teams and complex IT projects for some of the largest companies in the world.

He is a 25-year travel and hospitality veteran with a deep understanding of all aspects of the industry.

As a strategic thinker and serial entrepreneur, Bill has a proven ability to combine broad-based technology solutions to develop and implement successful business models and profitable revenue streams across multiple industries.

The idea for Here Is What I Like was born over 15 years ago.

We have finally decided to build it and its here.